Instagram traffic : 5 tips for getting more visitors

Instagram traffic : 5 tips for getting more visitors

Instagram now has 1 billion active users. That means about every eighth user has an Instagram account. Therefore, the topic of Instagram traffic is very topical and in great demand.

This size shows the importance that Instagram and Instagram traffic have for users. For this reason, entrepreneurs should use the social network. The increase in traffic via Instagram has the advantage that this can already be achieved in the short to medium term.

In contrast to search engine optimization, additional clicks can be achieved after a few days. But what options are there to specifically generate more clicks? We will deal with this in the next few paragraphs.

Instagram business account: the advantages at a glance

To attract new visitors, the Instagram business account is a basic requirement. Without this function it is not possible:

  • Store contact details
  • Use Instagram shopping
  • View statistics

These are essential elements of the platform that make building a community easier.

For this reason, entrepreneurs should always activate the business account in order to create the conditions for Instagram traffic. In addition to your own website, you can also store your e-mail address, postal address and telephone number in the business account.

The Instagram Insights (statistics) offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to track the growth of subscribers and to get more detailed information about the target group.

Set up Instagram Business

To create the Instagram business account, you have to do the following:

  1. Select the settings in the Instagram app
  2. Click under Account on the point “Convert to a business profile”
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen

After creating the Instagram Business Account, you can easily add new contact details using the “Edit Profile” button.

In order to successfully attract new visitors via the business account, a target group-specific profile description is essential. When describing your profile, you should make sure that your personality is briefly visible & a call-to-action draws attention to your website.

Call-to-actions help you to ask users to take a certain action. This can be visiting a website, getting an offer or downloading an album.

Instagram Stories: How to Increase Your Link Clicks

Entrepreneurs can use Instagram Stories to attract many new visitors to their own site and thus boost their Instagram traffic. But Instagram assumes that you are followed by at least 10,000 users.


If you have less than 10,000 followers, you cannot add links to the Instagram Stories.

Entrepreneurs who exceed this mark can reach the full potential of Instagram. It is important that owners integrate call-to-actions into the story. A little hint like “swipe up now” can lead to a lot of new website visits.

To add a link to the story, you need to:

  1. Click on the chain icon in the Instagram story
  2. Then type in the link.

Instagram shopping: the dream of e-commerce companies?

Company owners are always looking for new ways to generate sales. For e-commerce companies, Instagram shopping is a relatively profitable option.

To set up the function, founders must have a business account on Instagram. The following conditions must also be met:

  1. The Instagram account must be connected to a Facebook page.
  2. The product catalog must be set up in the Facebook Business Manager. There you have to add your products with pricing, availability and description. If typing is too laborious for you, you can also have your e-commerce provider export it automatically. This is possible for Shopify, Woo Commerce and Magneto, for example.
  3. At least 9 products must be stored in the Instagram posts.

Only when 9 products have been added to your posts will the function be displayed to your followers.

But here, too, there are some tips for self-employed people that make it easier to deal with Instagram shopping.

Not too many shopping posts

The use of shopping markings should not be exaggerated. At the beginning, many users make the mistake of tagging each post with products.

That quickly works as an advertisement. For this reason, entrepreneurs should carefully consider which products should be advertised on Instagram.

Insert videos

Video posts usually have a higher interaction rate on Instagram. But that’s not the only advantage. When entrepreneurs present products in Instagram Stories, it is possible to go into individual details in much more detail.

For example, self-employed people can show the product in use. It is also conceivable that individual properties are presented in detail.

Use carousel contributions 

Instagram users have the advantage that they can use carousel posts to view a wide range in one post. You can add multiple shopping marks to each individual image.

This is an ideal way to drive new visitors to your website.