Security environment in complete world has evolved a lot. An overall chaos situation exists all over the world. Every country is trying to counter the security and threats from terrorism in their own way. Every country is playing its part in eradication of terrorism. There had been many heart wrenching terrorism acts in the past. Many countries suffered a lot of casualties in acts of terrorism. Many laid their lives in counter terrorism operations as well.


These security risks are not for a single institution. Every institution or government body got affected by terrorism acts. A number of incidents are recorded in history where major organizations including educational institutions were at the target of terrorists. Educational institutions remained hot target for south Asian countries. In Europe and America, threat to the educational institutions also prevailed.

Security of educational institutions remained a serious concern for many countries over the last two decades. Many tried their best to devise a mechanism for safety of their institutions. May succeeded in their efforts while rest are still thriving. Although its not an easy job, keeping in view the concept and mission which these institutions carry. Display or show of arms / ammunition whether held with security guards or placed at some central location always changes the true essence of the concept which these institutions are trying to inculcate amongst the students.


Threats to an educational institute ranges from a forced terrorist attack to biological or chemical warfare. Hostages scenario can not be neglected as well. Moreover, in todays world, cyber security risks are the most dangerous ones. Without even firing a bullet, one can create a chaos that will be even more than a forced terrorist attack. However, physical security remains the prominent concern at least for education institutions. Threats can be mainly categorized as internal and external threats. Internal threats are from the institution itself. External threats include terrorism activities by the terrorist from outside institution. They can plan an attack over the institution.


Security of an educational institution can be planned in number of ways. Foremost thing is the physical security of the area. This can be done through placement of guards, making of check posts and proper screening of visitors whether they are students, faculty, outsiders or anyone. Guards placed, should be so trained to counter any security breach. They should be fully aware of what is happening around them. Keeping a hawk’s eye is key for them. Their training will be the challenging and most important task. Their response in case of any threat will decide the weightage of loss to that institution. If they respond well, loss will be minimum or even null. People’s lives will be in their hands at that time.


Institution policy made by the institution security officer is an important document and needs to be disseminated to the grass root level. This document must contain the engagement instructions for countering the terrorist. Screening procedures must be laid down properly in this document. Duties of all security concerned individuals must be explained under this document. Assessing threat level to an institution is the job of security officer. He must have full access to all related organizations. Coordination with Hospitals, ambulances, police, board of directors must be made in advance.

Cyber threat is equally important for an educational institution which should never be undermined. Proper sealing of the area with demarcated boundaries is a must do job. Securing the complete area of an institution with close circuit cameras is a must do job as well. There should be security room in every institution which should monitor all entry/ exit points of an institution. Manning the cameras and telephone lines, keeping an eye on every individual and vehicle and initiating a threat alarm in complete institution will be the tasks of security room in charge.

Students and staff should be trained to cooperate with security staff. They should be given lectures and seminars on security threats. Moreover, they should be given self defense training by the experts as well. An institution should devise a mechanism for identifying their students and staff through identity cards or thumb impression scanner. At the end, human lives matter.


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